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WSBL in 2021

What strange times we have been going through. But, hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will be able to play some ’normal’ bowls in 2021. We all know that Government guidance may change, but we are proceeding using the information supplied by Bowls England.

Accordingly, the Management Committee has decided that the West Sussex Bowls League and PC Cup will take place in a 4 triples format in 2021. We are proceeding with triples in the expectation that we will be able to play the whole season without any changes as current Government plans only show the removal of social distancing on 21st June at the earliest. We do not wish to start with rinks and have to revert to triples.

All being well, the League in 2022 will be back to normal and we shall continue with our normal format and rules.

If there are any further announcements of significance, we will issue additional information as necessary.

If anybody has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please all stay safe and enjoy the season.

Lindsay H Bangs

WSBL Chairman

A Message from our President

Chris Rolph Gentlemen

Gentlemen, I am writing this towards the end of April sincerely hoping that the worst of the Pandemic is over and have fingers crossed that we can soon all emerge from the various lockdowns and resume our lives in the normal way.

Your management committee have over the last few months spent a lot of time discussing the best way forward for the league in a still uncertain future. What we don’t want to do is start the season by playing to the normal format (4 x rinks) and then have to abandon the season or make changes part way through. The thinking has centred around the fact that the league is a Mens Fours League and we are by no means certain that ‘fours play’ will be allowed at the start of the campaign or indeed for the complete summer. As a result it was agreed that some form of league play should be arranged but with some restrictions / amendments because of the extraordinary circumstances we are currently up against.

By arranging for play this year to be triples in the hope of being able to play a complete season without any problems it was felt that to Promote / Relegate clubs would be wrong as the league is not set as a triples league. We also believe that the league should be for all bowlers not just the elite. By playing triples 25% of club members would not this season be able to get a league game. Hence by reducing the maximum games allowed by each player by 25% clubs are able to give games to all that would play in a normal season.

Slightly amended rules of play have been produced for this season only and have been circulated to clubs and will shortly be made available on this website.

I do hope that all clubs decide they wish to participate in this years competition and bowlers understand the extraordinary conditions we are having to work in.

The divisional winners, runners up and PC Cup winners and runners up will as usual receive mementoes at the presentation day scheduled in September.

Enjoy your bowling

Chris Rolph

President - April 2021.

History of the League

The League was formed as the Littlehampton Gazette Bowls League back in the winter of 1984/85 by the current League President Chris Rolph. The Littlehampton Gazette continued to sponsor the League for 30 years until the end of Season 2014 when they notified they wished to cease their sponsorship. C & M Trophies of Littlehampton, who have provided the trophies for the League for many years, had indicated a desire to become sponsors of the League and after suitable discussions it was agreed that the League would be renamed the 'West Sussex Bowls League' – sponsored by 'C & M Trophies of Littlehampton'. Sadly, Tony Wright the owner of C & M Trophies at the time of the sponsorship agreement, died early in 2017 after a long struggle with illness. The new owners of C & M were unable at this time, to offer to continue the sponsorship and we have been fortunate enough to secure a 3 year sponsorship from 'Phoenix Frozen Foods' which will start from May 2017.

Chris acted as Hon. Secretary until the early 1990’s when he passed the reins on to his friend Brian Wellsted who worked tirelessly for the league until he passed away in 2007.

Brian was responsible for the fantastic growth of the league by attracting new teams, creating new divisions and starting the league knockout cup. Chris stayed involved ‘behind the scenes’ assisting Brian until being asked to return officially as Chairman some 12 years ago.

In the first season (1985) the league consisted of just one division and only six clubs (Norfolk, Maltravers, Arundel, East Preston, Middleton and Bognor). How times have changed! In 2021 the league will boast three divisions, 19 clubs and 24 teams.

The league has developed so impressively over the years it is now widely regarded as the most successful and competitive league in the whole of Sussex County.

Lindsay Bangs

At the 2016 ADM Chris relinquished the Chairman Role and will now concentrate on Presidential duties. Lindsay Bangs (Witterings BC) pictured right has taken over as Chairman of the League. At the ADM in October 2011 Rod McBeth was elected to the post of Secretary and continued in this role until the end of the 2016 season.

Alan Messer, took on the role of Hon. Sec. at the 2016 ADM but has relinquished the job in 2020-21. Alan will look after all fixture planning, player records and League and PC Cup Results for 2021.

The Management Committee for 2020-21 consists of the following gentlemen: David Jackson (Bognor BC), Alan Messer (Tarring Priory BC), Nigel Reynolds (Crablands BC), and Paul Leatherbarrow (Storrington BC).

David ParkerFinances of the league have been under the control of Bognor Regis BC member David Parker, photo left, for more than ten years. He ensures we are kept in a healthy position.

Our webmaster is David Jackson, David Jacksonalso of Bognor BC and we all offer our thanks for his work in moving the league forward and enhancing it’s already splendid reputation.

The Annual Delegates Meeting of the League is held each October and is hosted at Arundel BC. In 2020 we were forced to abandon our noral format and the meeting was conducted wit all clubs by e-mail. Our Presentation Day and Cup Final is held in September at Worthing Pavilion BC - in 2021 it will be on Sunday 19th September. We are very lucky that Worthing Pavilion BC have supported us for many years at no cost.

When the league started the KO Cup we were lucky enough to secure the sponsorship from Peter Chiffins for a total of ten years In 2017 Peter put in a further £1500 into the sponsorship pot, guaranteeing the prize money well into the Twenties. The PC Cup has been a wonderful addition to the leagues competition, long may it continue.

The events of the 2019 Season (not a lot happened in 2020!)

Priory Park Chichester

WSBL v BH&DL 2019

The 2019 match was due to be played at Chichester Bowls Club at 2pm on Wednesday 14th August. Many thanks to all our players who offered to give up their time to support this very worthwhile event between the two rival leagues. Unfortunately the weather intervened and the match was cancelled due to a waterlogged green Click on the link below to see the team selected.

WSBL Representative Side 2019

WSBL v Division Champions 2019

The 2019 challenge match comprised 3 rinks each from Div 1 Champions Chichester Bowls Club and from Div 2 Champions Worthing Bowls Club and a further 2 rinks from Div 3 Champions Norfolk Bowls Club B. The Champions played the 'rest', a side made up of WSBL Management, a representative from every side in the league who were not either champions or PC Cup Finalists, and a group of invited players who play to make the correct number for 8 rinks. The match as always was played alongside the PC Cup on the greens at Worthing Pavilion BC. The PC Cup was played out between Worthing Pavilion and Tarring Priory. Click on the link below to see the team sheet for the 'WSBL Rest' team.

WSBL v The Champions.


WSBL trophies The 2019 WSBL Finals and Presentation Meal was held at Worthing Pavilion Bowls Club, on Sunday Sept 16th. Clicking on the red link below will take you to a file of images taken on the day.

All WSBL member clubs were able to send one representative to play in the Annual Champions v the 'Rest' Match and to enjoy the meal provided and paid for by the WSBL.

The WSBL 'Rest' team, took on the might of Chichester, Worthing and Norfolk B who provided the Champions Rinks. The Champions were winners overall 153-169, but as always on these occasions - bowls was the winner. The meal was excellent and we give full marks to the Worthing Pavilion Catering team headed up by Donna

In the main event of the day, Worthing Pavilion played Tarring Priory in the PC Cup Final. Up until half way the scores were very close at 45-41. But Worthing Pavilion started playing minimum jacks on one rink, they swept their opposition away and despite only winning on two rinks they won the match by a massive 108-71. Well done Worthing Pavilion

Clicking on the link below will take you to this years picture gallery courtesy of Alan Messer.


Alan Messer


The WSBL ADM was held by E-mail and completed by the 19th October 2020 Click the red link to see the Minutes of the 2020 meeting - please bear in mind the minutes remain unapproved until the 2021 AGM. They are reproduced here to allow an information preview and for action by clubs as necessary

WSBL AGM Minutes 2020

Alan Messer – Hon. Secretary (2016-2020)

Click on the underlined links for information in a printable format.

Management Team Contacts

Management Committee and Result Coordinators

Club Contacts 2020-21

Club Delegates for 2020-21

League & Cup Rules

Rules updated at 2020 ADM

League & Cup Rules for 2021 only

Specially Adapted Rules just for 2021


Constitution updated at 2016 ADM

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement updated at August 2018

PDF Print copy of 2019 League Tables

Correct at 21/09/19

List of tied players

From the multi team clubs who played in SEVEN or more matches during the last previously played season, 2019, and who are therefore ineligible to commence the 2021 season in a lower team.

Wearing of Shorts

Details of Clubs that - DO - or - DO NOT - allow shorts to be worn.

Usage of Groundsheets

For info on Usage of Groundsheets in WS League Matches.


Cup competition open to all our member clubs. A live copy of the PC Cup Draw and club progress within it is available in the 2020 Fixtures Section

Print Copy - PC Cup 2021

updated when season commences

When Brian (Wellsted) decided the league needed a Knockout Cup he looked around for someone to provide financial help and was lucky enough to persuade....

Peter Chiffins

Peter Chiffins then of Tarring Priory BC to help us. Peter supplied us with a Winners Trophy and prize money for the Winners and Runners Up for a total of 10 seasons.

At the 2015 finals day Peter generously contributed another sum of money allowing us to provide a winners and runners up cheque for another 5 years. In 2017 Peter further showed his generosity by putting in another £1500. Thank you Peter Chiffins for giving us the PC Industrial Products competition.


Just like Richard Branson, another great benefactor of our era, in his spare time Peter indulges his hobby as an astronaut. He is shown here familiarising himself with some tricky manouvres. Come on Chiffo it's not rocket science!

Phoenix Frozen Foods

is both pleased and proud to sponsor the WSBL.

We are a small friendly company based on the South coast and have many years experience in sourcing and delivering frozen foods.

We believe in offering quality foods combined with a first class and friendly service.

We have set daily routes which enables us to deliver smaller orders at times to suit you.

For more information, or helpful, friendly advice, please feel free to contact us.

Phoenix Frozen Foods 01903 215170

Phoenix Frozen Foods